11 Oct

The medical term dual diagnosis is actually referring to a health condition wherein a person or individual is suffering or struggling from a co-occurring substance abuse problem and mental illness or psychiatric disorder. To be more specific, the dual diagnosis may be experienced by a person or individual in a simultaneous manner. Aside from dual diagnosis, some of the other terms used to call such health conditions include dual pathology, COD, and co-occurring illnesses or disorders. Some of the common signs and symptoms of dual diagnosis include have problem concentrating, avoiding social activities, thoughts of suicide, extreme mood changes, developing withdrawal symptoms and high tolerance, engaging in risky behaviors, loss of control over the use of the drugs and substances, feeling like they need the drug or the substance to be able to function normally, withdrawal from friends and families, confused thinking, and using the substances and drugs under conditions that can be dangerous especially to their health. A medical intervention that is integrated is actually recognized as the best treatment and cure for dual diagnosis, in which both of their issues and health conditions are being addressed at. It is the primary responsibility of the treatment provider to understand and to help the patients understand the typical ways of how each health condition can actually affect each other, as well as, how the treatment can be effective to the patient. Since there are two different health issues that should be treated in such condition, then the treatment planning is not the same on each patient. An example of the treatment plan for dual diagnosis includes detoxification, inpatient rehab, supportive housing, psychotherapy, medications, and self-help and support groups. Find the best cognitive behavioral therapy palm desert or get a trusted palm springs sober living.

There are actually a lot of dual diagnosis treatment centers all over the country of America, but one of the most reputable treatment centers can be found in California. This particular treatment center is basically composed of specialized, experienced, and highly-trained medical staff that can definitely help in breaking the cycle of such health conditions. One of their specialties is handling the trauma cases, and through their treatment programs, they were able to transform the lives of the people by bringing them a high level of expertise and understanding on their condition. The reason as to why this particular treatment center for dual diagnosis has become one of the most reputable in the whole America is because their treatment services and programs are of high-quality, and they also offer their patients with great amenities and unique treatment programs. Aside from the dual diagnosis treatment program, they are also offering other treatments such as partial hospitalization program, residential treatment program or rehab, executive rehab, outpatient rehab, and intensive outpatient program. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-to-start-a-new-life-after-addiction-recovery_b_11287172.

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